Portland Photo Booth Rental


Why Hire a Professional Photo Booth For your Wedding?

My wedding was planned down to every detail. It had the right flowers, the right music, the right décor and even the right venue, just like everything I had visualized. My gown was perfect, the cake was strawberry, green apple and caramel coffee just like I like and with 8 layers, there were flowers everywhere in blue, green, and golden. There were tables set and everything was just perfect like I would always want to remember this most special day of my life. That was how I wanted it, and to remember these little and big moments that make up the most special day of all my life, I decided to hire a professional photo booth for my wedding- Divine Moments. This Portland photobooth rental was just the perfect choice as they have years behind them in doing this sort of thing, and they did exceed my expectation and delivered incredible results to me. 

I had people in the family who have wielded a camera since age 8 and people who have done professional photography, but this being my wedding I wanted every part of it to be done in a special manner and for my loved ones to be in it as well, rather than busy capturing pictures, Divine Moments was just the right choice in this matter. 

Each moment was captured by the Portland photobooth rental company in a way that today even after 3 years of our married life, we love to see and remember every detail of that day. There is absolutely nothing that can mar the memory and through the photos I found so many lovely moments to smile about and it has beautifully captured the reactions and emotions of all my dear ones as well, little details and big ones I may have missed being the bride, every single one of them are treasured in my album. Divine Moments was just ideal in terms of all I wanted, they even did their booth up and fit in with the theme with absolutely no hitches and the service provided was impeccable. They realize the significance of this day as being a once in a lifetime experience and have captured everything I would want and even other things that slipped my mind. The attention to detail and the way they have captured it with an expertise and eye for beauty leaves me blushing as I wonder, wow did I really look this gorgeous that day!